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Hayao Miyazaki 
Hayao Miyazaki is a Japanese film producer, director, screenwriter, author, animator, and manga artist. Miyazaki was born on January 5th 1941 in Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan. Miyazaki is well know for his Japanese films Ponyo, Howl's Moving Castle, Spirited Away, and many more. Miyazaki jumped around from animation company to animation company. He started out at Toei Animation then moved to the important role of being the chief animator, concept artist, and scene designer. In 1971 Miyazaki quit his job at Toei Animation and took a job at A Pro to co-direct a 14 episodes of the new Lupin III series. Miyazaki's Howl's Moving Castle was completed in 2004 which won the Golden Osella award for animation technology. Howl's Moving Castle also received an Oscar nomination for best animated feature.
The film that I would like to critique Miyazaki's film Ponyo which was released in 2008:
Plot: Ponyo is the story of a little mermaid that goes on an incredible journey of the world above the water. She transforms out of her fish form and turns into a human. She meets this little boy name Sosuke. Ponyo’s father is powerful sorcerer and demands that she returns home to sea. Ponyo’s father is enraged when she does not return home which in turn made sea levels rise. With the rising sea levels roads are flooded underneath water making it impossible for Sosuke’s mom Lisa to return home from her work. On a journey to find Lisa, Ponyo uses up all of her magical powers and returns into her fish form. Towards the end of the journey once they find Lisa Ponyo encounters Granmamare who offers Ponyo the ability to become a human and lose her magical powers. Ponyo agrees and lives with Sosuke and Lisa.
Critique: A few years ago I found this adorable movie sitting on the movie shelf at my brother’s house. It looked interesting, so I popped it in the DVD player. Sure enough the movie was heartwarming and educational. The Japanese aspect of the film puts a new twist on the Disney movie The Little Mermaid. Both movies are a Disney movie, and both share a similar, if not same, plot line.
The transformation from Ponyo’s fish form to human form was slightly confusing. What would not make sense to most viewers is why Ponyo grew chicken legs before she grew human legs. There was no explanation as to why her mid-transformation included chicken body parts.
The movie was adorable, but it as most movies from other cultures are, it was slightly confusing. Once someone gets the grasp of the plot line the story is easy to follow. Overall this movie was adorable and enjoyable.

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